Farewell Matt Smith

Doctor Who fans – if you haven’t yet watched ‘The Time of the Doctor”, this post contains spoilers.


Tom Baker was my first doctor. The one who I watched on PBS as a teenager in the 80’s. His slouchy hat, his curly hair, and that fantastic scarf. His big blue eyes. Now, on occasion, I like to check out his website and admire the photos he shares of his pets.

Then after E. and I got married, Doctor Who was back again and Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor. Not my favorite. I watched though, because it was Doctor Who. And then something special happened. David Tennant became the Doctor and what a joy he was to behold as the Doctor. I was heartbroken when he left.

Matt Smith arrived on the scene, a doctor younger than me – that was a little strange, but I quickly fell for his quirkiness, his charm, his wonderful way with children, the fantastic chemistry he and Karen Gillan had, the love between him and River, and that smile that just told you he was having a blast. My 8 year old fell in love with Matt Smith’s Doctor and is beyond distraught that he has left. She cried and cried and wrote a fervent plea to Matt Smith to return as the Doctor. I’ve thought about mailing it to him, care of, his manager/agent/person, but I haven’t yet.

E. had to work on the twenty fifth, so we celebrated our Christmas on the twenty sixth. After stockings were emptied, and presents unwrapped, after a relaxing sit down dinner, we watched “The Time of the Doctor” and I lost it when he said, “I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear,”  and “I will always remember when the Doctor was me.”. And then when Amy reappeared, touched his face and murmured “Raggedy Man. Goodnight.”




On that note, I end this one. We greatly enjoyed your time as the Doctor, Matt Smith, and there is at least one 8 year old who misses you desperately.



Cutting the (cable) cord

After my husband and I got married, one of the first things we did after we moved was get cable. We’ve had cable since then – almost nine years. We went the whole way with them too and signed up for the triple package – cable, phone and internet. Where we live now, there are no other options for phone service, unless you want local service where calling 10 miles away constitutes “long distance”, and calls are regularly dropped. We have no mobile service inside the house – sometimes if my husband stands in just right the spot about a mile into the yard, he can get service. Sometimes.

We’d been long disappointed with C*****t and decided to remove some of our money from their pockets. However, we do need a phone and internet. So, we got rid of our cable, which will work out to saving us about $1,000. a year. One thousand dollars a year. So, we decided to sign up for Netflix, a streaming only package and Amazon Prime, neither has everything that we’d like to watch, but both options are a lot better than paying $1,000. a year for the honor of watching new episodes of “Doctor Who” on BBC and “Arthur” on PBS. Some of our favorites are/were …

Doctor Who (BBC)

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Archer (FX)

Lidia’s Italy (PBS Create)

Jamie Oliver (any of his shows)

Burn Notice (okay, anything with Bruce Campbell!) (USA)

White Collar (USA)


I mostly miss being able to watch “The Golden Girls” on Hallmark before falling asleep. I miss being able to watch “Arthur” on PBS with my children.


I read a lot more. I have more free time to put “I Love You” jars together for my children on Valentine’s Day as well as one for my husband, I’ve spent time editing, and I’ve been able to work on plotting out my newest novel as well as writing letters to friends who I appreciate, just to let them know how much I appreciate them and care for them. I’ve also gained about three pounds since I’ve been baking a lot more with my free time.


I know I’ll be able to watch the shows when they’re on DVD, in the meantime, these past few evenings my husband and I have been sitting on the couch together and we’ll watch either old seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘The West Wing’.  I’ve found a number of documentaries I’m looking forward to watching also.



Do you have cable or have you cut that cord? Do you watch shows online? Or rent DVD’s from the library, etc? What are some of the shows you don’t want to miss?