Best. Night. Ever (Okay, not really, but it did include carbs and Hugh Jackman)

(This post was written on the evening of September 28, 2013) 


Have you ever sat back and wondered what I could do to have the best night ever? Well, I did just that tonight. After my children fell asleep by 9:00 pm! 9 pm!!!! I took a shower and decided to write for a bit on my fixed Macbook. So, my night was already looking good. I pontificated briefly on this very idea and decided to 1) indulge my cravings for carbs by baking these very yummy 40-Minute Buns (I’m linking to the recipe so you can hate me after you’ve gained four pounds like I have) and thought about what else would make this evening’s perfection complete. It came to me suddenly, like so many good ideas do.


Hugh Jackman. I was going to spend this evening with Hugh Jackman. I would bake, eat a couple of warm and delicious rolls, write, and let’s not forget the bit with Hugh Jackman. I decided to watch “The Fountain”. Now, I know I probably won’t be perceived as truthful here, but I’m not attracted to Hugh Jackman. For me, what I like most about him – besides his acting talent, is that he’s a family man. He seems devoted to his wife and children and I find that wonderful and highly admirable. He seems like a truly nice guy, as well with good character, and there’s a whole lot to be said for that, in my book.


The rolls came out perfectly, by the way. And they were delicious. (I have tweaked the recipe a bit to work for our particular tastes, i.e.; the recipe calls for a set amount of sugar, I find that amount to be far too much and use less.)

Here’s the part where I come back after being gone for months.

And here’s a recap of what this is all about. 

This blog is all about how I clean my house, exercise six days a week, homeschool, and make perfect crafty gifts for holidays and birthdays, as well as putting a gourmet meal on the table for dinner every night. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that I make all my housecleaning products by hand. All, while being a perfectly appreciative wife and doing what I can to further martyr myself. 


No. That’s not me.  At all. That will never be me, unless I’m lobotomized for some reason, and even then, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Okay – I do homeschool, and I love to make crafts (except when they turn out horribly and they so often seem to do just that), and I do make my own cleaning products but only because I have really sensitive skin and chemical smells give me an almost instant headache. I do appreciate my husband, but I love that his hours are such that I usually get a nice hunk of time to myself each night – a couple hours of me-time. Peacefully sleeping children, a new library book to read, or a stupid adventure movie on netflix. 


I don’t wake up each day with a smile on my face, or with one in my heart. I’m angry about certain things, and I’m scared. Of a lot. I used to think that when I was an adult I wouldn’t have to be frightened of anything. What a laugh that turned out to be; I had no idea that the time for true stress was coming up. Not to come across as a drama queen, but just basic adult/parent worries. 


I rarely cook gourmet meals – I adore eating them however.  But prepping, cooking, and washing up is so not my idea of a good time.  Only the eating is. But that never lasts as long as the following cleaning up does. I’m trying to grow out a super short haircut and it’s currently in a terribly awkward stage.


A lot of things I’ve tried haven’t worked (i.e.; moving to a small island in the PNW and trying our hand at country living with chickens) which I will delve further into in future posts. But I keep coming back to try more, and you know why? Because when it does work, it’s the most wonderfully fantastic feeling in the world. 


I’ve been very busy these past few months – we moved (it went well with DC’s allergies, thankfully), I finally finished my final edit of the manuscript I’d been working on and released a novel (YAY!!!!),  and I’ve been working daily since then – homeschooling, acclimating to our new city, and writing. If you’ve stuck around all this time, or are only just finding me, I appreciate it immensely and look forward to blogging a bit more frequently than I’ve done these months. 




Low Light

My ancient Dell that I was writing on? Met its demise a few weeks ago. That’s why I haven’t written anything new since my last post.


So, today’s post is something I wrote a while back, by about about 18 months.


It’s funny how hearing a song can transport you back in time. No matter what, whenever I hear “Low Light” by Peter Gabriel, I’m back to 2003. I had left work and went to the music shop I frequented and picked up Peter Gabriel’s “Ovo”. I had seen it, but never bought it. I bought it this April evening and drove home and put the cd in the stereo. I listened to my answering machine messages and heard news that one of my best friends had died. I shook my head, at the rumor mill and continued listening to messages. More messages spoke of Eric’s passing and I called his parent’s telephone number. His mother answered the phone and I knew. I heard it in her voice before she said the words that changed life forever, for the worse.

I saw Peter Gabriel live in November, 2002 at Madison Square Garden – going with an ex who had become a close friend. I had invited Eric to go with me but he needed to work. He promised that we would go together the next time the tour came around. The next time around was in the summer of 2003 and Eric was dead. I went to the concert at the formerly named Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey and brought Eric’s memory with me.

It’s the same with the Kids in the Hall. Eric and I were going to see them in New York as well, but I couldn’t get off work that time. Eric went and told me all I had missed the following weekend. He was engaged, having met the woman he truly wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I was 29 when he passed and not interested in being tied down.

A few months after Eric had passed I spoke with his fiancee. She told me of a conversation she and Eric had had. He told her that he wished I would meet someone, someone kind and giving, who made my heart sing. He wished I would fall in love and marry. I cried during the conversation and so did his fiancee. We shared memories and tears during that conversation and it meant a lot to me.

I entered the spring of 2004 with a renewed look at life – I was in the best shape of my life and felt fantastic. I was ready to have fun, not planning to date anyone seriously, just date around and go out with men who I fancied. I met E. in May. We emailed back and forth and talked on the phone often and a lot (and I hate talking on the phone). We talked and talked, feeling as though we already knew one another. We had our first date the last Saturday of May and very quickly found ourselves feeling quite attached. My plans of dating around were stopped and I stopped calling the two other men I had been going out with. We married less than two months after we met and had two children in rapid succession.

It’s been almost eight years since E. and I married, and I still have no doubt that Eric had something to do with us meeting.


I can’t be the only person who liked Russell Crowe’s singing…

I saw “Les Miserables” on Broadway in the mid 1980’s, I believe, when I was in sixth grade. School trip. Loved it. Loved it so much that for one of my holiday gifts that year I requested the soundtrack, which I received (on cassette tape) and listened to until the tape wore out.


When I first saw the previews for the 2012 movie version, I was very excited to see it. I thought Hugh Jackman would make a wonderful Jean Valjean and I wasn’t disappointed by all the passion he poured into his portrayal. I was also extremely pleased to see Colm Wilkinson (he played Jean Valjean when I saw the Broadway show) as the Bishop.


Am I the only person who thinks positively of Russell Crowe’s singing? I can’t be. I refuse to believe it.



On the other side of things, my Macbook is done, over, finished. It lived a good, average-length life, brought me through numerous drafts of three novels. Held photos of my babies. Carried my writing playlists on itunes. Gave me something to do when I was procrastinating. Right now I’m writing on an older Dell laptop that has a missing “J” key to press and a sticking space bar.


I’m not sure what replacement to get, honestly. I get comfortable using a specific  laptop and like having that consistency when I write. It’s not uncommon for me to spend up to six – eight hours a day writing, for a few weeks straight. And then go directly to writing only sporadically a few days a week. My Macbook served me well for almost five years. I would like to have my next laptop last as long so that I have that consistency of comfort back.



What did you think of Russell Crowe’s performance? Did you enjoy the movie or are you like my husband who only likes two musicals – the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Nightmare Before Christmas?

Do you have a laptop recommendation or advice against a particular brand? I’d love to read your thoughts!