Another one bites the dust

Back? Yes, thank you.


After we moved (successfully) I released my new book and began working on a new one. My Macbook kicked the bucket (I don’t have very good luck with computers, it seems), and I stayed pc-less for many months. I would go on my husband’s from time to time to get some library books for my Kindle, but beyond that I stayed off. After a tense first week, I was happy. I played with my children, I crafted, I baked a lot, I discovered I was allergic to gluten, I came up with recipes for some new skincare products, tried them out, tweaked them, and tried again and again until I got them how I wanted. The dog chewed up my sewing machine power cord, so I’ve been hand sewing, I mastered the art of gluten-free pizza dough, and tried to learn how to play Sudoku (didn’t happen).


We homeschool all year (by all year I mean we homeschool through the summer and take our short breaks here and there throughout the fall and early spring), and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where I research and choose curriculum, then do some more research and feel confident in my choice, or change my mind and spend so much time on my favorite homeschool curricula online stores that I’ve been spending the last week perusing Cathy Duffy‘s site, the forums over at the Well-Trained Mind, and reading over various reviews found during a google search.


I’m truly excited for this upcoming homeschooling year. I’m looking forward to introducing my children to all the newness ahead.



Best. Night. Ever (Okay, not really, but it did include carbs and Hugh Jackman)

(This post was written on the evening of September 28, 2013) 


Have you ever sat back and wondered what I could do to have the best night ever? Well, I did just that tonight. After my children fell asleep by 9:00 pm! 9 pm!!!! I took a shower and decided to write for a bit on my fixed Macbook. So, my night was already looking good. I pontificated briefly on this very idea and decided to 1) indulge my cravings for carbs by baking these very yummy 40-Minute Buns (I’m linking to the recipe so you can hate me after you’ve gained four pounds like I have) and thought about what else would make this evening’s perfection complete. It came to me suddenly, like so many good ideas do.


Hugh Jackman. I was going to spend this evening with Hugh Jackman. I would bake, eat a couple of warm and delicious rolls, write, and let’s not forget the bit with Hugh Jackman. I decided to watch “The Fountain”. Now, I know I probably won’t be perceived as truthful here, but I’m not attracted to Hugh Jackman. For me, what I like most about him – besides his acting talent, is that he’s a family man. He seems devoted to his wife and children and I find that wonderful and highly admirable. He seems like a truly nice guy, as well with good character, and there’s a whole lot to be said for that, in my book.


The rolls came out perfectly, by the way. And they were delicious. (I have tweaked the recipe a bit to work for our particular tastes, i.e.; the recipe calls for a set amount of sugar, I find that amount to be far too much and use less.)

Here’s the part where I come back after being gone for months.

And here’s a recap of what this is all about. 

This blog is all about how I clean my house, exercise six days a week, homeschool, and make perfect crafty gifts for holidays and birthdays, as well as putting a gourmet meal on the table for dinner every night. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that I make all my housecleaning products by hand. All, while being a perfectly appreciative wife and doing what I can to further martyr myself. 


No. That’s not me.  At all. That will never be me, unless I’m lobotomized for some reason, and even then, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Okay – I do homeschool, and I love to make crafts (except when they turn out horribly and they so often seem to do just that), and I do make my own cleaning products but only because I have really sensitive skin and chemical smells give me an almost instant headache. I do appreciate my husband, but I love that his hours are such that I usually get a nice hunk of time to myself each night – a couple hours of me-time. Peacefully sleeping children, a new library book to read, or a stupid adventure movie on netflix. 


I don’t wake up each day with a smile on my face, or with one in my heart. I’m angry about certain things, and I’m scared. Of a lot. I used to think that when I was an adult I wouldn’t have to be frightened of anything. What a laugh that turned out to be; I had no idea that the time for true stress was coming up. Not to come across as a drama queen, but just basic adult/parent worries. 


I rarely cook gourmet meals – I adore eating them however.  But prepping, cooking, and washing up is so not my idea of a good time.  Only the eating is. But that never lasts as long as the following cleaning up does. I’m trying to grow out a super short haircut and it’s currently in a terribly awkward stage.


A lot of things I’ve tried haven’t worked (i.e.; moving to a small island in the PNW and trying our hand at country living with chickens) which I will delve further into in future posts. But I keep coming back to try more, and you know why? Because when it does work, it’s the most wonderfully fantastic feeling in the world. 


I’ve been very busy these past few months – we moved (it went well with DC’s allergies, thankfully), I finally finished my final edit of the manuscript I’d been working on and released a novel (YAY!!!!),  and I’ve been working daily since then – homeschooling, acclimating to our new city, and writing. If you’ve stuck around all this time, or are only just finding me, I appreciate it immensely and look forward to blogging a bit more frequently than I’ve done these months. 




Fear, almost 600 miles away

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

The last few weeks have been a flurry of packing and packing. Hot showers to soothe aching back muscles from loading up boxes and piling them in an extra bedroom. More packing, and the act of going through our life here. Deciding what to keep and what to discard.

I am also petrified. I am terrified because of my youngest child’s food allergies. We will be driving 19 hours to our new home, the children and I in the family vehicle, my husband in the rental truck. This 19 hour trip will be punctuated by an overnight hotel visit. A fact of life is that hotels and motels are often located in the close vicinity of fast food restaurants. Another fact is that I am sure there are a lot of people who pick up fast food and eat in their hotel rooms. As I am also sure that the cleaning staff, good as they may be, are often rushed, and may miss something.

Two years ago my husband dropped his stick of deodorant on the bathroom counter, wiped up the bit that broke off, and went on his way. Later that day, my child touched that spot, touched her face and developed a reaction. Hives where she touched, accompanied by a tightness of her throat. We did not need her Epi-Pen Jr. that day, thankfully. The antihistamine was sufficient. We are going to do a wipe down of all hard surfaces, I am going to cover the bed with a flat sheet of ours, use our own pillows and one of our blankets. And I am still so frightened that it won’t be enough, that she will have a reaction, that it will be bad.


I’m trying to be calm and focus on the fact that we will be doing everything we can to keep her safe.

Dish soap!

In trying to avoid the stinky smelling Biokleen dish detergent my husband picked up, I spent a little time looking up how to make your own dish soap.

I’ve made my own laundry detergent for ages, and I can’t recall why I imagined making dish detergent would be so difficult a process. I found a couple of recipes that I may play around with and make tonight.

Haven’t posted in a while for two reasons – 1) I’ve been packing a lot, that combined with homeschool, household, play time – has eaten up the majority of my time. And 2) From packing – my upper back and shoulders are screaming at me daily. Typing is a torture I haven’t been indulging in much.

Do you make your own dish soap? Have a favorite recipe you’d like to share? Is it cost-effective? Time consuming? Easy as anything?