crafty inspiration and the waiting horror in the girls clothing department

Oh, this book, 101 Days of Christmas by Mandi Ehman looks like fun. I love craft inspiration and I read about this one on Simple Homeschool and it’s free on Amazon for Kindle today.

The temperature high here today was about 75 degrees (Fahrenheit) and it actually felt cool. Moving from New York to the Pacific Northwest – it took us more than a year to acclimate to the cool (okay, cold to me) summers. Moving here at the very end of May, where temperatures soared high into the hundreds – I kept well hydrated, keeping our numerous Klean Kanteen bottles full of chilled water every time we went out. Add sunglasses and sunblock and we were ready to go. We managed to do a lot, as well as numerous visits to the pool. The entire time, I was more comfortable in this weather than I had been during our years in Washington and during the oppressively humid summers back East. I really love this climate.

And now, here it is, 71 degrees currently at the end of September and it feels cold. Suddenly, yes, it is autumn. I have pulled out my craft box, gone through the numerous skeins of wool yarn, pulled out my many crochet hooks, looked longingly over the Knifty Knitter that I was so certain I would take to like a fish takes to water. It seemed so fun, so simple. Once I got it and read how to do it, I put it away until a free moment, and haven’t looked at it again until just the other day.

I haven’t made clothing since I sewed a really ugly blouse in Home Ec. Now I  have to go through my supplies and figure out what super easy clothes I can make. I found  patterns I had bought at a thrift shop and put away for “someday”. Someday is here.


We did some online clothes shopping for the girls the other day. I went into ebates  (just letting you know, if you click on that link and sign up for ebates, I will receive $10. for each opened account) and then checked retailmenot and armed myself with coupon codes and with dreams of savings, I went head on into clothing sites. I should have paused and recalled each and every year of clothes shopping. Needless to say, nothing was purchased. I know that I’ve brought this up before, but I don’t want my younger children to wear some of the clothes they sell. Low rise jeans, shirts with glittery messages, midriff baring anything. For the past few years, we’ve gotten off easily, buying yoga pants, and boys shorts (which are longer) and plain color t-shirts. But my youngest is very very into fashion and wants to dress differently. My eldest is not really into clothes, but is beginning to care more about appearance. They both want more input into what they wear. I understand this and I also respect it. I want to encourage it. But I don’t want them dressing, let’s call it like it is and say slutty umm, precociously, as many children their age do (I assume that most parents are more than accepting of this forced early sexualization since they continue to buy the clothes the industry churns out year after year.)  I want something different.



Do you make any clothing for your children? How did you improve your sewing skills? Do you find it practical given the cost of fabric/necessities as opposed to clothes? Or, if you do purchase clothes for your children, where do you find inexpensive, yet quality basics?


Here’s the part where I come back after being gone for months.

And here’s a recap of what this is all about. 

This blog is all about how I clean my house, exercise six days a week, homeschool, and make perfect crafty gifts for holidays and birthdays, as well as putting a gourmet meal on the table for dinner every night. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that I make all my housecleaning products by hand. All, while being a perfectly appreciative wife and doing what I can to further martyr myself. 


No. That’s not me.  At all. That will never be me, unless I’m lobotomized for some reason, and even then, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Okay – I do homeschool, and I love to make crafts (except when they turn out horribly and they so often seem to do just that), and I do make my own cleaning products but only because I have really sensitive skin and chemical smells give me an almost instant headache. I do appreciate my husband, but I love that his hours are such that I usually get a nice hunk of time to myself each night – a couple hours of me-time. Peacefully sleeping children, a new library book to read, or a stupid adventure movie on netflix. 


I don’t wake up each day with a smile on my face, or with one in my heart. I’m angry about certain things, and I’m scared. Of a lot. I used to think that when I was an adult I wouldn’t have to be frightened of anything. What a laugh that turned out to be; I had no idea that the time for true stress was coming up. Not to come across as a drama queen, but just basic adult/parent worries. 


I rarely cook gourmet meals – I adore eating them however.  But prepping, cooking, and washing up is so not my idea of a good time.  Only the eating is. But that never lasts as long as the following cleaning up does. I’m trying to grow out a super short haircut and it’s currently in a terribly awkward stage.


A lot of things I’ve tried haven’t worked (i.e.; moving to a small island in the PNW and trying our hand at country living with chickens) which I will delve further into in future posts. But I keep coming back to try more, and you know why? Because when it does work, it’s the most wonderfully fantastic feeling in the world. 


I’ve been very busy these past few months – we moved (it went well with DC’s allergies, thankfully), I finally finished my final edit of the manuscript I’d been working on and released a novel (YAY!!!!),  and I’ve been working daily since then – homeschooling, acclimating to our new city, and writing. If you’ve stuck around all this time, or are only just finding me, I appreciate it immensely and look forward to blogging a bit more frequently than I’ve done these months. 




Cutting the (cable) cord

After my husband and I got married, one of the first things we did after we moved was get cable. We’ve had cable since then – almost nine years. We went the whole way with them too and signed up for the triple package – cable, phone and internet. Where we live now, there are no other options for phone service, unless you want local service where calling 10 miles away constitutes “long distance”, and calls are regularly dropped. We have no mobile service inside the house – sometimes if my husband stands in just right the spot about a mile into the yard, he can get service. Sometimes.

We’d been long disappointed with C*****t and decided to remove some of our money from their pockets. However, we do need a phone and internet. So, we got rid of our cable, which will work out to saving us about $1,000. a year. One thousand dollars a year. So, we decided to sign up for Netflix, a streaming only package and Amazon Prime, neither has everything that we’d like to watch, but both options are a lot better than paying $1,000. a year for the honor of watching new episodes of “Doctor Who” on BBC and “Arthur” on PBS. Some of our favorites are/were …

Doctor Who (BBC)

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Archer (FX)

Lidia’s Italy (PBS Create)

Jamie Oliver (any of his shows)

Burn Notice (okay, anything with Bruce Campbell!) (USA)

White Collar (USA)


I mostly miss being able to watch “The Golden Girls” on Hallmark before falling asleep. I miss being able to watch “Arthur” on PBS with my children.


I read a lot more. I have more free time to put “I Love You” jars together for my children on Valentine’s Day as well as one for my husband, I’ve spent time editing, and I’ve been able to work on plotting out my newest novel as well as writing letters to friends who I appreciate, just to let them know how much I appreciate them and care for them. I’ve also gained about three pounds since I’ve been baking a lot more with my free time.


I know I’ll be able to watch the shows when they’re on DVD, in the meantime, these past few evenings my husband and I have been sitting on the couch together and we’ll watch either old seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘The West Wing’.  I’ve found a number of documentaries I’m looking forward to watching also.



Do you have cable or have you cut that cord? Do you watch shows online? Or rent DVD’s from the library, etc? What are some of the shows you don’t want to miss?