All About Spelling

I broke down and bought it. I did. I ordered the first two books plus the kit and am now awaiting their arrival. I’ve tried for the past two years to try to make a go of it with Spelling Power and the Writing Road to Reading. Both are terrific, WRTR is an amazing manual (I like an older edition that comes with phonogram cards) but it just wasn’t working as well as I would have liked.

My children are both fantastic readers and have always spelled phonetically – the things I’m looking forward to most are the fact that with AAS the rules of why things are spelled a certain way are explained. I think that alone will make this program a big hit.

I will certainly post updates as to how the program works for us. I understand that there are a lot of AAS reviews and I think I may have read each and every one when I was debating and going back and forth on whether or not to make this relatively pricey investment (I’m a notoriously frugal person) but I decided it was better to give it a try than keep spending the money on programs or books that don’t work well for us and have wound up on a particular shelf in my homeschool area where homeschool materials go to die. The reviews helped me greatly in deciding to go ahead with this purchase and I hope I may be able to assist someone in the future myself.


Another one bites the dust

Back? Yes, thank you.


After we moved (successfully) I released my new book and began working on a new one. My Macbook kicked the bucket (I don’t have very good luck with computers, it seems), and I stayed pc-less for many months. I would go on my husband’s from time to time to get some library books for my Kindle, but beyond that I stayed off. After a tense first week, I was happy. I played with my children, I crafted, I baked a lot, I discovered I was allergic to gluten, I came up with recipes for some new skincare products, tried them out, tweaked them, and tried again and again until I got them how I wanted. The dog chewed up my sewing machine power cord, so I’ve been hand sewing, I mastered the art of gluten-free pizza dough, and tried to learn how to play Sudoku (didn’t happen).


We homeschool all year (by all year I mean we homeschool through the summer and take our short breaks here and there throughout the fall and early spring), and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where I research and choose curriculum, then do some more research and feel confident in my choice, or change my mind and spend so much time on my favorite homeschool curricula online stores that I’ve been spending the last week perusing Cathy Duffy‘s site, the forums over at the Well-Trained Mind, and reading over various reviews found during a google search.


I’m truly excited for this upcoming homeschooling year. I’m looking forward to introducing my children to all the newness ahead.